CALL FOR PROPOSALS: The 2013 Daryl and Marguerite Errett Discovery Award in Biomedical Research


Funded through an annual gift of up to $50,000 from the Errett Fisher Foundation, the Daryl and Marguerite
Errett Discovery Award in Biomedical Research is intended to honor the lives of Daryl and Marguerite Errett,
while providing seed funding to the most exceptional young postdocs or research professionals (non-tenured
faculty) at UC Santa Barbara early in their careers to support their innovative research in the field of

The Daryl and Marguerite Errett Discovery Award will provide support to one outstanding post doc or research
professional annually so as to enable him/her to conduct cutting-edge research in biomedicine and to launch
promising projects that nurture the careers of gifted young investigators who will have an impact on pioneering
developments that advance human health.

The award is intended to supply seed funding to outstanding scientists and engineers who seek to conduct risktaking
research that might not yet qualify for traditional sources of funding from agencies like the National
Institute for Health. The award is highly competitive, bestowing upon the recipient a significant measure of

Application Process/Timeline

All laboratory heads (i.e., faculty) in Engineering and the Sciences are invited to nominate their most
outstanding postdoctoral fellows or research professionals (non-tenured faculty), with a focus on researchers
who are leading efforts in biomedical research.

A complete application package should include:

• A written proposal of the suggested research, limited to no more than 3 pages, including a full
budgetary analysis of the proposed research project. The total budget can be up to $50,000. Benefits
should be added if salary is included. The proposal does not go through OR so does not have to include

• A curriculum vita

• Two letters of recommendation; 1 from the laboratory head or faculty mentor, 1 from another scientist,
either at UC Santa Barbara or another institution, who is familiar with the candidate's work.

The deadline for submission of applications is March 31, 2013.

Once awarded, funds provided by the Daryl and Marguerite Errett Discovery Award could be used by the
recipients for any costs associated with the proposed project. These may include salary (at the level set by the
recipient's laboratory head and indicated within the proposed budgetary analysis within the proposal), research
supplies and access to vital equipment and instrumentation. The term of the award would be from July 1, 2013
to June 30, 2014 and funds should be expended within the end of the award year (by June 30, 2014).

The Daryl and Marguerite Errett Discovery Award Committee, which will be composed of four highly distinguished
faculty representatives from various research areas in biomedical research in Engineering and the
Sciences at UC Santa Barbara, will review the nominations and applications. The Committee will select the
most outstanding postdoctoral fellows or research professionals based on the quality, creativity, and promise of
his or her proposed project. The decision will be announced by May 31, 2013.

The recipient of the Daryl and Marguerite Errett Discovery Award would provide the Errett Fisher Foundation
Board with a written stewardship report at the end of the first year reporting on the outcomes of the recipient's
research. The report would be due by June 30, 2014. In addition, board members of the Errett Fisher Foundation
would also have the opportunity to meet with recipients and learn first-hand about his or her research program
and goals.

Please submit applications no later than March 31, 2013 to:

Michelle Veal
Executive Assistant
Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies