• PNAS: Paul Atzberger Uses Mathematics to Advance Problems in the Sciences


    UC Santa Barbara's Paul Atzberger, a professor in the Department of Mathematics and an assistant professor of mechanical engineering, often works in areas where science and math intersect. Some of his recent research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS) and featured on the cover of the journal Soft Matter focuses on problems specific to lipid bilayer membranes. These microscopic structures can form a sheet that envelopes the outside of a biological cell in much the same way that human skin serves as the body's barrier to the outside environment.

  • Worster Summer Research Fellowships in Physics


    If college students wrote essays about what they did during summer vacation, the half dozen participating in this year's Worster Summer Research Fellowships at UC Santa Barbara would have amazing stories to tell. These undergraduate physics majors were paid to conduct 10 weeks of research -- ranging from astrophysics to biophysics to theoretical physics -- under the direct supervision of graduate student mentors.