UCSB Science in the News

October 22, 2018

UC Santa Barbara researchers lead a collaboration to investigate the columbine genome

October 19, 2018

Installation of a detector designed by UC Santa Barbara physicists is underway at the LZ dark matter experiment.

October 18, 2018

UC Santa Barbara researchers discover minerals in South Africa from Earth’s earliest history

October 10, 2018

UCSB, UCSD and SBP researchers trace the complex and variable pathways to the deadly condition known as sepsis

Awards & Announcements

With new support for its Bentson Scholars Program, the Bentson Foundation secures future opportunities for outstanding students in marine science

Chemistry professor Alison Butler earns the Arthur C. Cope Scholars Award for excellence in organic chemistry

Three graduate students are awarded prestigious NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowships

UCSB announces winners of Thomas More Storke Award and other top university prizes