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Mathematical, Life, and Physical Sciences in the news
June 13, 2016
  • Deron Burkepile   Photo Credit: Allison Grisham

New work from a UCSB field ecologist and his microbiology colleagues shows how rising ocean temperatures are potentially lethal for coral reefs

June 2, 2016
  • Kenneth Kosik and Neha Rani   Photo Credit: Sonia Fernandez

UCSB neuroscience researchers identify a gene critical for human brain development and unravel how it works 

May 31, 2016
  • UCSB research oceanographer Uta Passow.  Photo Credit: SONIA Fernandez

UCSB oceanographer Uta Passow demonstrates that contaminants from Deepwater Horizon lingered for months in subsurface water before sinking to the seafloor.

May 12, 2016
  • Matthew Jackson   Photo Credit:  Anna Maria Skuladottir

A new study by UCSB geologist Matthew Jackson finds that material in certain rock formations dates back to the Earth's earliest years.


Divisional announcements and opportunities
  • Stanton J. Peale   Photo Credit: George Foulsham

The American Astronomical Society posthumously awards its prestigious Kuiper Prize
to Stanton Peale, the late UCSB astrophysicist

  • Charles Jones and Leila Carvalho

Two UCSB climate scientists, Leila Carvalho and Charles Jones, edit a new book about the Earth's regional and global monsoon systems.

  • Joe Incandela

Joe Incandela is the 61st recipient of the award since it was established in 1955. His lecture will take place later this year, with a date and time yet to be determined. It will be free and open to the public.

  • Gus Gurley

We are pleased to announce that Gus Gurley will be the 2016 Science Commencement Speaker.  Gus has a B.S. degree in Physics and a M.S., Physics, Scientific Instrumentation, both from UCSB.