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July 12, 2016
  • The Google and UCSB researchers Jimmy Chen, John Martinis, Pedram Roushan, Yu Chen, Anthony Megrant and Charles Neill. (Sonia Fernandez / The UCSB Current photo)

Charles Neill and Team Blur the Line Between Classical and Quantum Physics by Connecting Chaos and Entanglement.

July 11, 2016
  • When children learn how to tie their shoelaces, they do so in discrete steps - known as "movement chunking."

Scott Grafton and team help develop a theory of compound movement that highlights a tradeoff between efficiency and computational cost.

July 7, 2016
  • This high magnification view of the filaments (in red) made by the newly discovered atypical tropomyosin shows that they do not overlap with actin filaments (in green).

MYSTERY SOLVED? UCSB Biologist Denise Montell & Team Find Filament-forming Protein in Human Cells that Insects Lack


Divisional announcements and opportunities
  • Venn diagram portraying relationships, including infection, bacteremia, sepsis and the Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome. Photo Credit: Steven Burdette

UCSB scientists collaborate with multiple institutions to conduct biomedical research on infectious disease and sepsis, thanks to a $12.8 million grant.

  • Andrea Young, winner of the McMillan Award.  Photo Credit: SONIA FERNANDEZ

UCSB physicist Andrea Young almost gave up on the research for which he has now received the 2016 McMillan Award.

  •  A thermal composite of Sherpa fire taken Friday, June 17, 2016. Photo Credit: COURTESY OF NASA

For geographer Dar Roberts and other UCSB researchers, the Sherpa fire offers myriad research possibilities.

  • “The Brain Lady” talks to third and fourth graders at Santa Barbara Charter School. Photo Credit: Spencer Bruttig

An outreach program designed by UCSB psychologist Karen Szumlinski teaches elementary school students about the 3-pound brain and how to keep it safe.