• LUX PROJECT: Harry Nelson helps design dark matter detector


    Dark Matter Detector installed underground and submerged will begin data collection in 2013. An experiment to look for one of nature’s most elusive subatomic particles is finally under water, in a stainless steel tank nearly a mile underground, and a UC Santa Barbara physicist is among the scientists participating in the project. The Large Underground Xenon experiment, nicknamed LUX, will be the most sensitive device yet to look for dark matter. Thought to comprise more than 80 percent of the mass of the universe, dark matter has so far eluded direct detection.

  • SciTrek: Norbert Reich & Darby Feldwinn bring new type of science education to local schools


    SciTrek, a new type of science education started by Norbert Reich, a professor with UCSB’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, is helping to teach local school children the scientific process. The program began with the assistance of MaryAnn Wright, a second grade teacher at La Patera School in Goleta in 2010. Soon Darby Feldwinn, a UCSB lecturer in education and chemistry, began overseeing the program which is now established in 20 area schools.