UCSB Science in the News

October 31, 2018
UC Santa Barbara researchers part of statewide project to digitize flowering plant species, facilitating climate change research


October 30, 2018
James Thomson's earth-shattering discovery garnered immense media attention, now he can appreciate the past
October 29, 2018

A Canadian fault scientists thought was inactive may actually be capable of producing large-magnitude earthquakes, a new study finds.

October 24, 2018

Research out of UC Santa Barbara suggests population growth in central Africa could be less dire than current projections suggest if attention is paid to the wellbeing of the poor

Awards & Announcements

Professor Martin Moskovits earns the E. Bright Wilson Award for outstanding accomplishments in spectroscopy

UC Santa Barbara physics professor M. Cristina Marchetti receives the American Physical Society’s inaugural Leo P. Kadanoff Prize

With new support for its Bentson Scholars Program, the Bentson Foundation secures future opportunities for outstanding students in marine science

Chemistry professor Alison Butler earns the Arthur C. Cope Scholars Award for excellence in organic chemistry