A Large Talk on Minimal Surfaces


Every four years, mathematicians from around the world convene for the International Conference of Mathematics. Hosted by the International Mathematical Union, the conference is the largest of its type. Prestigious honors like the Fields Medals, Nevanlinna Prize, Gauss Prize and Chern Medal are awarded during the opening ceremony.

Associate Professor Xin Zhou(link is external), a geometer at UC Santa Barbara, is among the researchers who has been invited to speak at the union’s 2022 event in St. Petersburg, Russia.

“Being invited to speak at the ICM can be a source of pride for the rest of your career,” said math department chair Stephen Bigelow. "We are happy and proud that Xin has achieved this great recognition.”

Zhou will speak about minimal surfaces, surfaces of constant mean curvature and the relationships between the two. He plans to focus especially on how the two are connected by his proof of the Multiplicity One Conjecture.

News Date: 

Wednesday, November 3, 2021